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As you may have guessed from the title, this community has been created to discuss/debate the relationship between science and faith (or the total lack thereof, depending on your opinion).

It's primary aim is to extend our knowledge and appreciation of other spiritual beliefs/world views, and also our knowledge and appreciation of nature and scientific discoveries and how they might affect those world views, through open discussions and debate. Discussions of faith only and science only issues are also welcome.

Community rules:

1) Be respectful of others opinions. Naturally some of these topics are highly emotive to many people, and we're not all going to agree, so I ask only that you be respectful at all times to other people's beliefs, opinions and reasoning. Lively debate is welcome, but personal slights and disrespectful comments are not and you will receive a warning for posting offensive remarks and may have your posts deleted, or be banned from posting altogether.

2) Please do not post advertisements for other communities/journals without first obtaining permission to do so.

3) The use of tags is strongly encouraged to enable ease of use.

4) Please use full sentences and correct grammar (if English is not your first language then do not worry too much about grammar!)

The following introduction form is just a suggestion for how you may want to declare your presence to the rest of the community. It is not compulsory to use this form, so if you'd prefer not to answer some or any of the questions don't feel you have to. You can introduce yourself in another way if you like, or not (hello lurkers!):


World view/ philosophical outlook:

Areas of particular interest to you:

Opinions on relationship between faith and science:

Any questions you want to ask:

Favourite quotations:

Feel free to post any suggestions for the community to the above e-mail address.